Holy Childhood Preparatory School is a private, Catholic, Independent and co-educational school. Its primary ministry is to provide an opportunity for the total development of children aged two to twelve.

The school is a non-profit making institution controlled by a Board of Governors. It is owned by the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help of Jamaica generally known as the “Blue Sisters”.

As Franciscan Missionary Sisters, our main aim is Education. Holy Childhood Preparatory School, is dedicated to helping our children to be functional in today’s society. It is the objective of our academic program to ensure that all student develop both mentally and physically.

We Achieve Mental and Physical Development Through Learning by Focusing on:

Think critically

We at Holy Childhood encourage our students to think and to become problem solvers

Strong Christian Values

We instill in our students that they should apply christian principles in lives to full realize themselves in the sight of God.

Good Behaviour

We help our students to develop and display acceptable attitudes

Healthy Practices

Help your child to develop healthy practices to aid
in their bodies development and for longevity

Visual and Performing arts

We instill in our student appreciation for for the visual and preforming arts


Holy Childhood Preparatory School was established January 21, 1930 by Mother Mary Humiliana O.S.F, the founder of the first native Catholic Religious Order known as the Franciscan Missionary Sisters.
Its first location was at Lissant Road opposite Holy Trinity Cathedral. The school began with 7 students. Three years later (1933) it was relocated to its present site 77 Half Way Tree Road.


It is the mission of the school to provide a holistic learning environment to all children and to administer the best CHILD-CENTERED academic program embodying all students, regardless of their learning aptitude.


We strive to create an environment that embraces Christian Principles, while utilizing an interactive and child centered curriculum

“Children, Our Future – Believe in them…Challenge them”

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Christian Principles

At the center of our value is trust and faith in God, respect for all, prayer and fellowship, Harmonies relationship and self discipline

Adherence to Regulations of

Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture, Jamaica Independent Schools,Ministry of Health and Environment, Jamaica Catholic Education Association and Franciscan Missionary Sisters as Owners

Strong Administration

We have Strong Administration, we bring potential in staff – recognise, encourage and walk with them to achievement


Holy Childhood Preparatory School’s Song
Written by: Mrs. Jennifer Scarlett
To be sung to the theme “Joyful, Joyful”

Holy Childhood, Holy Childhood
Here we gather everyday
Teacher teach and children learn
And here we strive to work and pray
Thank you Jesus for our leaders
Brave and strong for this great task
Strength and power and wisdom daily
Lord for this and more we ask.

Thank you Jesus for your childhood
After which our school is named
To serve and educate our children
Truly that’s our only aim
There are many strifes and battles
Uphill struggles, yes they’re hard
But we have this full assurance
After the battle the reward.
Holy Childhood, Holy Childhood
After the battle, the reward.


Curriculum for Grade 1 - 3

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Curriculum for Grade 4 - 6

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After an interview, parents are asked to:
  1. Fill out an application form (DOWNLOAD FORM HERE)
  2. Present copies of the child’s birth certificate, immunization card and baptismal certificate One passport sized photograph
  3. Present child’s medical history from a physician (DOWNLOAD MEDICAL FORM HERE)
Parents of students for admission to Grade 1 – 6 are additionally required to submit:
  1. Records from current or previous schools (if applicable)
  2. Diagnostic test result and other information which may be helpful in assessing a student’s educational needs
Notification of acceptance for admission will be given as soon as the application form and all the requested materials are received, and the appropriate testing is completed.
About our PTA The Holy childhood Preparatory School PTA’s mission is to work with the School Board and Administration to create an enabling environment where the lives of our children and families can be positively impacted through the representation of our members, by empowering and supporting each and every individual skills through advocacy, quality and all inclusive leadership and communication. Board
  • Deacon Altius Williams: Chairman
  • Sister Mary Andrew Campbell, JP
  • Deacon Keith Walters, JP
  • Ms Debbie Whittle – PTA President
  • Ms Kamelle Walker (Teacher’s Representative)
  • Ms Marcia Rhone (Retired teacher)
  • Ms. Lisa Grant (Attorney at Law)

The Organization of the School provide for the School’s adherence, to the Early Childhood curriculum, and for the delivery of Primary Education with an emphasis on integration.   Holy Childhood Preparatory School (HCPS) began 90 years ago as the cutting edge institution for private education and has remained a leader in primary level education in Jamaica over the years. The school is part of the Franciscan Missionary Sisters (Our Lady of Perpetual Help) Group of Schools: the others being Stella Maris Preparatory School and Holy Childhood High School (http://www.holychildhoodhighschool.org) . We cater to the holistic development of the child and have constantly adjusted our strategies and curriculum over the years to offer the very best child centered program in the island. HCPS has an excellent academic program, is a leader in drama, speech, dance and music, and offers a full range of sports activites as part of its program. Swimming, Drama, Music and Spanish are all part of the school’s regular curriculum.
In 2013 HCPS was ranked as a Gold Standard school by Educate Jamaica and listed among the top 60 performing schools island-wide by the Ministry of Education in their subsequent press release